Komax water meter with DN40 threaded body

The Komax DN40 water meter is a specialized product for branch lines, hoses or water supply pipes for internal areas requiring moderate water flow. Most of the Komax DN40 water meter products are used by enterprises and manufacturing establishments to supply water to each area to make monthly and annual water flow statistics.

Komax water meter with DN40 threaded body

  • Original Price:2,100,000 vnđ
  • Sale Price:2,000,000 vnđ Buy
Water meter Connect the connector to DN40 as the imported product line we import and supply the market with competitive price. Below is a list of monthly customer accounts that can be referenced

Công ty TNHH TM-DV-XNK Minh Hòa Thành
Địa chỉ: 199/2 Đường TA 19 , Khu phố 5 ,Phường Thới An , Quận 12 Tp HCM
Chi nhánh Siêu thị Đồng hồ nước Công ty Minh Hòa Thành

E-mail: minhhoathanh@gmail.com

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