DN80 Komax wastewater meter

The DN80 Komax wastewater meter is specifically designed for untreated wastewater with gear wheels to ensure smooth flow and flow.

DN80 Komax wastewater meter

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In the last three years, water control has become increasingly urgent for people, societies and governments to become aware of the protection of water resources, Dong. We look forward to contributing to this change with the right products and to respond quickly to the needs of our customers for the following products: groundwater extraction, wells, industrial waste water ... Companies, companies, units that need to measure effluent water discharge ...
Komax DN80 wastewater meter
Manufacturer: Komax
Material: cast iron body
Connector: Flange
Display: Direct dial number 99999
Dimensions: dn80, 3 Inch, phi 90
Type of activity: driving the word
Product Model: KM
Average flow Qn: 40m3 \ h

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