Komax DN65 wastewater meter

Finding a muscle wastewater meter today is causing many businesses a headache because there are very few products that do. Understanding the difficulty of our business we offer the Komax wastewater meter solution for measuring the effluent of post-treatment effluents or some wastewater with less waste and residue index.

Komax DN65 wastewater meter

  • Original Price:10,100,000 vnđ
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Komax DN65 wastewater meter
Manufacturer: Komax-
Material: cast iron body
Connector: Flange
Display: Direct dial number 99999
Dimensions: dn65, 2-1 / 2 Inch, phi 76
Type of activity: driving the word
Made in :
Product Model: Komax
Average flow Qn: 30m3 \ h
Minimum display unit: 1 m3
The smallest unit: 1 liter
Working pressure: 0.3 - 16 bar
Working temperature: 0 - 40 degrees Celsius
Goods are subject to inspection by the competent authority to measure Vietnam
Always available and warranted for 12 months
The Komax dn65 wastewater meter is suitable for use in factories where the company needs to list the effluent, raw water for production, and treated wastewater as required by the department. environment .
Because of its accuracy and stability, the komax dn65 wastewater meter can be mounted behind a pump, sink or water head position without affecting the quality of the water statistics.
With actuators from the vacuum isolator units to the water flow, the durability and stability are always highest, as well as the gear teeth are not corroded, tarnished the number and trapped very garbage. Suitable for use as a wastewater meter for wastewater treatment plants, waste water and pumping water.
The details of the watch that is produced in Asia's leading development industry such as Korea are always accurate, even in the details. Worn out and anti-love always achieve ISO 9002 quality norms

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